This handcrafted doll is the perfect addition to you altar. Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau had reached iconic status while she was still alive, and it's only gotten bigger since she's passed on. 
Born in New Orleans in 1801, a free woman of Color, she was a healer, Priestess, devout Catholic, and adept business woman.
She is stuffed with red beans and rice, the West African dish prepared with Native American ingredients that has become a signature of New Orleans (traditionally eaten on Mondays). She also has a dash of Louisiana chicory coffee mixed in, as selling coffee was one of the ways free women of Color made their living in the 1800s in New Orleans.
I began making these altar dolls when I realized that, as a tour guide here in New Orleans, when I would tell the story of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, I would always suggest women in business appeal to her. Then it occurred to me that "I" am a woman in business, and where was my Marie Laveau altar?! And so these dolls were born.

Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau Altar Doll/Custom Altar Doll


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