Ritual Soy Candles. dressed, to attract or dispel whatever you like!
Congo Square Candle~ (good for road-opening) sage, live oak, soil, papaya and mango
St. Louis No. 1~ (to attract love) rose, jasmine, patchouli and ash

Library Stacks- Smells like old books, for us bibliophiles! (Cedarwood, tonka, oak moss and leather)
Custom candles are also available, should you desire something other than what you find above. Examples would be:
Love~ Lavender and Sassafras
Wealth~ Rosemary and Basil
Protection~ Lemon Verbena
Health~ Lemongrass and Cinnamon
Heightening Psychic Ability~ Wormwood
Road Opening~ Hyssop

***Note: Candles will arrive in tin container in place of glass***

See personalized options for more info.

Soy Candles Loaded/Plain/Scented/Unscented/Old Book Scented

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