Organic Body Butter with scents indigenous to New Orleans
St. Louis No. 1 scent: roses, jasmine, patchouli & ash
Congo Square scent: live oak, sage, soil, papaya & mango

My obsession with New Orleans began in 2011, and it began in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and Congo Square, respectively, and my objective with this line of skin care was to capture the essence of those two places, so it can be carried with you wherever you are. 

The legend of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is one of my favorite to tell as a walking tour guide, and spending time in St. Louis No. 1 feels nothing short of holy. Born a free woman of Color in 1801, Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau became legendary during her lifetime, and it's only gotten bigger since her passing. She is credited with being an amazing healer, Priestess and business woman. Many visit her tomb to leave flowers and whisper their prayers for her guidance and aid. (We no longer leave the three "x's", as it was destroying the tomb.) She has the third most visited tomb in the nation~ 3rd only to Elvis and JFK, in that order.

The history of Congo Square captivated me immediately. It is the only place in the United States where enslaved people were able to mass-congregate out in the open. The first enslaved West Africans were brought over in bondage in 1719, and by 1724, drum circles began in what is now known as Congo Square.This is where they held church, got married, and had their pop-up market and drum circles. It is where West African polyrhythms were first introduced to the US during these gatherings, and they would eventually mix with slave call and response chants, blues carried over from the Mississippi Delta, European traditional music, military marches, ragtime and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, and coalesce into what we know as Jazz today.

New Orleans Scented Body Butter


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