***Conjure Barbie Custom Face-Up***

Barbie by Mattel, factory paint removed! Hand-painted face, hand-crafted costumes and accessories!

I have loved barbie since I was 2 years old, and my parents couldn't figure out how I even found out about her. I was raised by an Africentric Womanist/Feminist scholar (my mother), and she was horrified that all I wanted was a barbie for Christmas in 1981. She managed to go shopping with my dad and find a Black barbie with natural hair: only to have hair straightener fall out of the box when I opened the doll. She still couldn't break me of my barbie obsession.

I have longed to see my image in barbie form, and as an eclectic practitioner of Color, I was excited to find a custom barbie made to look like Angela Bassett as she portrayed Vodou Queen Marie Laveau in American Horror Story Season 3 Coven. The reviews, however, were that people wished she had been depicted in her Conjure wear, as opposed to her more modern duds dreamed up for her by Hollywood.

And so here is the first of my line of Conjure barbies of Color! I hope you love her as much as I do!
***Skin Tone Varies as Doll Availability Changes***

The doll will always be brown skinned, though the shade may differ. I will send a picture of the doll I'm working on to ensure she's to you're liking before I customize her.

Conjure Barbie Custom Face-Up


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