Black Girl Magic Earrings! 

Earrings as altars to those women of Color we love so much, both living ancestors, and those who have transitioned!
See the second image to view all current options. 
In the personalization portion, list the corresponding number and name of the earrings you would like. Each image comes as a pair.

 1-Dorothy Dandridge
2-Madam CJ Walker
3-Ma Rainey
4-Lauryn Hill
5-Alice Walker
6-Ntozake Shange
7-Assata Shakur
8-Bessie Smith
9-Lorraine Hansberry
10-Janelle Monae
11-Billie Holiday
12-Maya Angelou
 13-Toni Morrison
14-Zora Neale Hurston
15-Mahalia Jackson
16-Angela Davis
17-Nina Simone
18-Gloria Naylor
19-Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau
20-Bessie Coleman
21-Audre Lorde
22-Rosa Guy
23-Linda Tillery

The women are the DEFINITION of Black Grrrl Magick, and I got tired of not being able to find jewelry that depicted them, so I made some!

If your icon is not listed above, you can request who you'd like in the personalized section.

Black Grrrl Magick Earrings


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